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12.01.2018 - 15.40
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Twenty start-up teams selected for Accelerator boot camp

Twenty start-up teams selected for Accelerator boot camp

Just before Christmas many new startup teams applied for stage 1. By the end of 2017 the Accelerator team invited twenty teams to kick off with a 2-day fast-track boot camp at the DOB Academy in Delft next week.


The boot camp is an introduction into entrepreneurship. The programme is covering all aspects of a high-level pitch deck. At the end of the boot camp, up to ten teams will be selected by an expert jury to enter stage 1: Fundamentals training.


Climate-KIC Accelerator
Are you interested to scale up your business? Apply now for the next round of the Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme.

  • Do you have a breakthrough idea related to new technology with substantial climate impact?
  • Is your motivation to achieve global success?
  • Do you have a co-founder in your team?
  • We fund with grants up to 75.000
  • We offer entrepreneurship eduction

Registration for the Climate-KIC Accelerator is open until 21 March 2018 17:00 pm.

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