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28.09.2017 - 09.45
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Climate-KIC start-up CircularIQ wins the Amsterdam Circular Challenge

Climate-KIC start-up CircularIQ wins the Amsterdam Circular Challenge

The Amsterdam Circular Challenge has announced 3 winners, one in each category: Genus, Antecy and Climate-KIC start-up CircularIQ. The final award event of the Circular Challenge took place on 27 September 2017. The jury praised these startups because of their innovative solutions for a circular port area of Amsterdam. The winners receive a workplace at Prodock – the innovation hub in the port area of Amsterdam, access to Clean Capital’s partner network with potential customers and the guidance of experts from the Port of Amsterdam, AEB Amsterdam and Waternet.

Start-up CircularIQ, founded in 2016 and currently in Stage 2 of the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme, has developed an online platform that gives companies immediate insight into the sustainability of their supply chain. The performance of suppliers is also insightful. This very transparent customization solution makes them the winner of the digital challenge. The jury believes that this system can be implemented directly in Amsterdam.

For Clean Capital’s partners, this challenge is a great opportunity to introduce start-ups in their network. Koen Overtoom, Director of Port Authority Amsterdam: “As far as I am concerned, the winners will start working at Prodock right away. We will do our utmost to support them in building a circular future.”

To achieve as many (international) startups as possible, Clean Capital has asked Rockstart and Climate-KIC to guide this challenge. Rockstart has a large network of startups in Amsterdam and around regions. Climate-KIC is the European community for climate innovation, with an incubator with over 800 start-ups across Europe.

Read more about start-up CircularIQ.

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