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19.04.2017 - 13.30
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Accelerator Bootcamp: 18 cleantech start-ups invited, 12 teams accepted in Stage 1

Accelerator Bootcamp: 18 cleantech start-ups invited, 12 teams accepted in Stage 1

As many as 18 promising start-up teams were invited to join the 2-day Accelerator bootcamp on 11-12 April in Amsterdam.
After two intensive training days, the teams were challenged to pitch their deal for an independent Review Board. The best teams were selected to take part in Stage 1 of the Climate-KIC Accelerator, with a maximum of 12 teams.

We love to welcome the following teams to Stage 1:

Agroloop – recycles pre-consumer food waste by insect farming.
Circular IQ – online platform offering circular performance analysis for products,business and entire supply chain.
FoPo – collect fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted and turn them into dried powder.
Fritts – a benchmarking monitoring app that clearly indicates solar panel performance

NCT (Nanofluid Cooling Technologies) – develops and markets highly efficient cooling and heat dissipation solutions for high heat flux electronics like high power LEDs.
PeelPioneers – converts citrus peel into essential oils, pectin and fiber-rich grains. These raw materials are processed into products for the cleaning, cosmetic and food industries.
Polytential – developed a small device that uses sensors for analysing plastic waste. This information allows to find the best use for every load of plastic waste.
Sunchem – developed a non-nicotine non-GMO tobacco variety.
Withthegrid – develops sensors and algorithms for energy and water operators to manage assets in a more sustainable way.
Coffee Based – uses coffee waste as a raw material to create new products like a interior accessories.
SmartFarming – developed a cotton app as a decision supporting tool for sustainable cotton farming.
ZEF – tackles the economic challenges in the chain from solar to fuel, by bringing down the high CAPEX & energy need of necessary equipment with a novel, highly integrated methanol production unit.

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