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CFD Alpha Tech
Renewable energy for the clean and green society
Theme: Sustainable Productions System

CFD Alpha Tech is an engineering and technology driven company dealing with energy and  advanced composites. CFD Alpha Tech is introducing a…

The New Raw
Upcycling plastic waste with 3D printing
Theme: Sustainable Productions System

The New Raw designs & produces sustainable product series that provide unique options for customisation, personalisation and branding throug…

Video analyses
Theme: Sustainable Productions Systems

Gymeyes motivates, educates and activates people to improve their training through the use of video technology. With Gymeyes you can analyze you…

Smart water management
Theme: Sustainable Productions System

Water managers struggle with too little or too much water. Sumaqua makes your rain water system smart, leading to less floods, increased sustain…

Mapping the world’s groundwater resources
Theme: Sustainable Land Use

Lack of groundwater insight is causing unsustainable groundwater consumption across the globe. Current solutions used to gain this insight are …

Job Veltman
Portable high capacity battery
Theme: Sustainable Productions System

We bring the first system for unlimited electric boating. We sell our portable high capacity battery to small recreational boat owners, and our …

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