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Erik de Groot
Iron Roots
High performance, low impact athletic apparel
Theme: Sustainable Productions System

We’ve always found it strange that sports apparel is almost exclusively made from plastics. Shouldn’t the pinnacle of nature; sports, be acc…

Bram Tijmons
PATS Indoor Drone Solutions
Reinventing Insect Control for Horticulture
Theme: Sustainable Land Use

Bio-inspired on animals like a swallow or a bat, PATS Indoor Drone Solutions created micro-drones that ‘eats’ flying insects. The drones are…

Iryna Pakhomova
Nurtio Technologies
Smart virtual gardener
Theme: Urban Transitions

Nurtio is a smart virtual gardener. The product consists of a number of sensors that are being put in every pot with the plants. The sensors rea…

Meeuwis van Wirdum
Shipping just got Smarter
Theme: Decision Metrics & Finance

Shipping performance depends on river depths. As river beds are constantly changing, water depth information is critical to optimize performance…

Sander Peltenburg
Burgs Foods
Making Crickets part of our staple diets in Europe
Theme: Sustainable Land Use

We need to find new sustainable protein sources in order to provide for a growing population without damaging the environment. At Burgs Foods we…

Max Brobbel
Architecture for timeless temporality
Theme: Sustainable Productions System

The building sector is responsible for the largest amount of waste, energy- and material use on both a local and global scale. It is BILT’s…

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