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A smart solution to plastic pollution

The Great Bubble Barrier

A smart solution to plastic pollution

Founding year:2017

Location:The Netherlands

Theme:Sustainable Production Systems

The Great Bubble Barrier blocks and removes plastics in the river, while letting ships and fish pass; an ideal solution for governments and cities that want to combat the plastic soup.

We believe plastic waste can be caught before it reaches the oceans. The current solutions that stop waste in the rivers have two major drawbacks; they block ship traffic and/or hinder fish movement. We searched for an elegant solution that blocks waste in the river, but also allows the passage of fish and ships. And we arrived at a very simple idea; a barrier of bubbles.

By placing two bubble barriers (or air screens) diagonally, we block plastics from moving downstream, and make clever use of the current of the river to direct the waste to the banks.

The Great Bubble Barrier is based on an existing technology, this makes it easily applicable. And the best thing is: The Great Bubble Barrier can be applied from the largest rivers to the smallest canals. Our goal is to realise the Great Bubble Barrier at smart locations, to stop as much plastic as possible in its way to the oceans.

Team Members

Anne Marieke Eveleens

Saskia Studer

Francis Zoet

Other interesting cases

Matthijs van Til
Matthijs van Til

The program helped us to stay focused on our market, because of that we have grown from 0.5% to 20% market share in our beachhead within a year.

Pieter Verberne
Pieter Verberne

Climate KIC has brought us the sharpness and (financial) support to improve our proposition.

Max Aerts
FAST Group
Max Aerts

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