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Connect with Energy


Connect with Energy

Founding year:2018

Location:The Netherlands

Theme:Urban Transitions

Energy Management in real estate

As a society, we emit far too much carbon dioxide (CO2). We set ambitious levels to reduce these levels on national, European and global scale to fight the increase of temperature and prevent climate catastrophes. We need to act now, including changes in real estate, whether these are office buildings or the houses we live in, whether new to build or to renovate. We need to shift to energy neutral or, even better, energy producing properties.

Enermatics offers the knowledge and solution to provide overview and detailed insights in energy streams in real estate. By collecting and analyzing data we are also able to manage energy streams on bigger levels (e.g. neighborhood or city). We assist housing associations, building companies and installers to upgrade to sustainable houses, make new buildings energy-smart and monitor & correcting energy performance.


Jeroen Wijnen

Team Members

Jeroen Wijnen

Loes de Waart

Rodney Antonisse

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