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Smart natural composite materials


Smart natural composite materials

Founding year:2014

Location:The Netherlands

Theme:Sustainable Land Use

Bamboo fibres have a high potential. Based on its density, its capacity to grow fast, its low carbon footprint and its mechanical properties, there are interesting business cases to grow bamboo locally and use it at a larger scale.

This triggered Bambooder and its business partners to explore market opportunities for bamboo, especially for paint, composites, bioplastics and 3D printing.

Bambooder replaces oil-based raw materials with renewable raw materials by incorporating bamboo fibers into paint and composite applications. The bamboo is produced locally and grows rapidly. Their fibers have mechanical properties that compete with products that have a high carbon footprint.


Marc Bokeloh
Mobile: + 31 6 2925 2113


Team Members

Marc Bokeloh

Maarten Bokeloh

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