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About Climate-KIC

We are Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate change. Climate-KIC creates opportunities for innovators to address climate change and shape the world’s next economy. We accelerate the innovation required for a low-carbon future. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for cleantech potential. Accelerator is one of our activities. Climate-KIC is funded through the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, an initiative of the EU.

Innovation, education and entrepreneurship

Climate-KIC integrates education, entrepreneurship and innovation to transform knowledge and ideas into economically viable products or services.


Cleantech innovation is key in solving climate change problems. To accelerate such innovations Climate-KIC builds strong global partnerships between businesses, public bodies and the academic world. Our focus is on identifying, developing and linking market potential with business ideas and initiatives.


Climate-KIC training programs are uniquely designed to develop climate change entrepreneurship amongst hundreds of students and leading professionals. Our courses combine climate change science and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on learning-by-doing and exposure to real life challenges.


Climate-KIC provides the knowledge, opportunities and practical tools required to transform cleantech ideas into commercial success. We create market opportunities for cleantech businesses and start-ups. We connect them with our experts and help them develop their ideas into successful products and services.

We support cleantech start-ups that shape the world’s next economy.

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