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Unlocking land value
Theme: Sustainable Land Use

Secure land rights generate economic prosperity and curb deforestation. This has been proven. However, 75% of the planet’s land has unclear ti…

Driving a trailer easier, safer and cheaper
Theme: Sustainable Productions System

Driving a trailer is unsafe and increases the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle up to 60%. Furthermore, acceleration uphill with a heavy t…

Jan Pieter Versluijs
Solar Monkey
Safe and secure solar power, guaranteed
Theme: Decision Metrics & Finance

Solar Monkey delivers software and services to solar panel installers, used to design solar panel systems and calculate and guarantee the energy…

Pratap Thapa
Hydro-powered irrigation system
Theme: Sustainable Productions Systems

With a vision to enhance food-security in the world, aQysta has developed hydro-powered irrigation system that can increase crop yield by 2 to 5…

Pierre Vermeulen
Leasing of solar PV systems
Theme: Urban Transitions

Home solar systems on average earn themselves back in less than 10 years but have a technical lifespan of 30 years or more. That means 20 years …

Pieter Verberne
Carbon capture from gasses
Theme: Sustainable Productions System

CarbonOro: Carbon capture from gasses CarbonOrO offers the lowest cost technology in the market for carbon (CO2) capturing in industrial inst…

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