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The world’s first real plug & play solar panel


The world’s first real plug & play solar panel

Founding year:2017

Location:The Netherlands

Theme:Sustainable Productions Systems

Solar energy is growing fast, but if you look around you in a city or village, you will see that there are actually very few solar panels. Consumers oppose the many technical choices that have to be made, and up until now solar panels are only available to the selected few – home owners.

Solar Panels without installation
Supersola promises to have your own solar energy within 15 minutes. The panels that Supersola has created use a parasol-foot like structure, just fill it with water, and it keeps it all secured without installation.

The manual simply states: (1) open the panel (2) fill it with water and (3) plug it in your regular socket. And when you move? The water can be simply run off and the panels be taken along.


Julius Smith



Team Members

Julius Smith

Yoeri Nagtegaal

Jos Heubers

Kim Duijnisveld

Rolf Fouchier

Arnoud Kamerbeek

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