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Leasing of solar PV systems


Leasing of solar PV systems

Founding Year:2011

Location:The Netherlands

Theme:Urban Transitions

Home solar systems on average earn themselves back in less than 10 years but have a technical lifespan of 30 years or more. That means 20 years of free electricity against future electricity prices. In addition a home solar system for an average household can save more than 2 ton CO2 per year. Still globally the penetration of home solar systems is below 1%. The three barriers for mass conversion of home solar in our view are: cost, hassle and risk.

Solease solves these three problems by leasing solar systems in the same way as you would lease a car. We buy, install, finance and insure the system and are also responsible for monitoring and repair. All at a monthly cost that from day 1 is lower than electricity price charged by the utility.


Pierre Vermeulen

+31 6 51 13 74 47




Team Members

Pierre Vermeulen

Roderick van Wisselingh

Loes van Petersen

Other interesting cases

Hans Schaap
GreenStar Statistics
Hans Schaap

Accelerator and the masterclasses helped us speed up and improve our business.

Pieter Verberne
Pieter Verberne

“Climate KIC has brought us the sharpness and (financial) support to improve our proposition.”


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