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Connecting high level technologies with basic needs

Magic Mitad

Connecting high level technologies with basic needs

Founding Year:2014

Location:The Netherlands

Theme:Urban Transitions

We assess the basic needs of target customers and select and/or develop appropriate technologies. We are currently working on a prove of concept in Ethiopia, where we reduce energy needs of baking the national staple food, Injera, by introducing a fuel efficiënt baking plate. This is done under the product name of “Magic Mitad”. We strive to further fulfill basic needs of other local populations.


Leon Simons – Climate Change, energy and Innovation, autodidact

Bas van den Berg – Global Business & Stakeholder Management, M.Sc.

Team Members

Leon Simons

Bas van den Berg

Other interesting cases

Matthijs van Til
Matthijs van Til

The program helped us to stay focused on our market, because of that we have grown from 0.5% to 20% market share in our beachhead within a year.

Marc Bokeloh
Marc Bokeloh

The Climate-KIC Accelerator programme and masterclasses helps us to focus and define our business.

Chokri Mousaoui
Eternal Sun
Chokri Mousaoui

We just raised €2 million in Series A financing. Climate-KIC supported us in critical moments.

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