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Creating world’s leading custom solar panels


Creating world’s leading custom solar panels

Founding year:2017

Location:The Netherlands

Theme:Sustainable Production Systems

KRSolar provides high efficient, light weight and custom made PV solutions for greenhouses, boats and other businesses.

Current PV solutions are not optimal for numerous applications because of reliability, efficiency, weight, shape or their aesthetic design. KRSolar is specialized in providing the optimal PV solution for any project.

Greenhouse owners can easily implement the high efficient PV solutions of KRSolar by simply replacing the window glass with the (transparent) solar panels of KRSolar. The weight of extra construction and solar panels is prevented which also prevents extra rubbish being built-up on the roof. Also the immense time, cranes and effort needed for installation are not needed.

KRSolar is also specialized in lightweight, high efficient and flexible PV solutions which can be implemented on boats, planes and other energy demanding environments.


Siebe Roefs



Team Members

Siebe Roefs

David Kester

Bo Salet

Other interesting cases

Adriano Desieri
Adriano Desieri

A solar off-grid energy system to power horticultural projects

Pierre Vermeulen
Pierre Vermeulen

Winning the Venture Competition gave us credibility and as a result clients and financing.

Matthijs van Til
Matthijs van Til

The program helped us to stay focused on our market, because of that we have grown from 0.5% to 20% market share in our beachhead within a year.

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