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Climate-KIC Accelerator is the cleantech accelerator with a focus on climate impact. Climate-KIC offers a 18 month programme divided in 3 stages, to grow your own cleantech idea into a great business.

- Accelerator Stage 1 is now open for entries.
- NEW Submission deadline: 21 March 2018 at 17.00 hours.

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The accelerator programme focused on cleantech commercialization

  • Rock-solid 18-month programme with 3 stages
  • Generous funding: up to €75.000
  • Fast-track entrepreneurship education
  • Access to an extensive relevant international network
  • Global domination
  • And much more

The impact of Climate-KIC Accelerator Benelux
Since 2012

Fast-track your cleantech business

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3

Stage 1: Fundamentals

Find your market niche, develop a financial model and figure out how to make money and scale your business.

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Stage 2: Validation

As Steve Blank puts it: “No business plan survives first contact with a customer.”
Verify your business assumptions by talking to customers.

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Stage 3: Delivery

Get your business ready for takeoff. Find launching customers, development partners or investors. Partnerships that allow you to grow fast.

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Meet our Accelerator coaches

Our coaches are experts in the field of entrepreneurship, they are committed and dedicated to transform your cleantech ideas into commercial success. Our coaches help you connect with the right experts and to formulate your business plan, develop your entrepreneurial skills and help you fund your start-up through the early stages.

Think big

Ambitious? Committed? Go global with your cleantech business.
Sebastiaan Lumanauw
Sebastiaan Lumanauw

Prolonged plant hydration

Remi Blokker
Remi Blokker

Education, financial support, network: Climate-KIC offers so much value!

Boy Trip
Boy Trip

Climate-KIC accelerator helped us to go to market and create revenues within 6 months.

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